Is Cranberry Juice Truly A Reliable Treatment For Uti?

The cranberry juice treatment has come into modern folk medicine as a very popular way for an individual to self-manage their urinary tract infection. But doctors warn that this method may have serious risks associated with it.

“Cranberry juice may be excellent for preventing a urinary tract infection,” says one doctor from Henderson, “but there is a risk that if you try this method, it could end up resulting in a kidney infection. The problem is that once the infection has been established, cranberry juice is not an effective treatment. The infection must be treated with antibiotics.”

“The issue for most people is that they think this can be handled using ‘natural methods’ like cranberry juice. Cranberry juice, or any increased fluid intake will help only insofar as it forces you to urinate more often. Antibiotics attack the infection itself, and while for most people that have a healthy immune system, this is enough, you’re still prolonging the time it would take to fight off the infection than if you were on antibiotics. The worst case scenario is of course the infection spreads to the kidneys, which is much more serious than an infection of the urinary tract, since the kidneys are a vital organ of the body.”

But the idea that cranberry juice is an effective treatment against UTIs click for info has entered the modern folk culture for a very good reason.

“Cranberry juice is very effective for those that seem to be experiencing recurrent UTIs. In other words, it’s far more effective at preventing UTI than it is at treating an already existing UTI, but there’s a lot of people out there that don’t know the difference. The body’s immune system can be compromised temporarily for a number of reasons. While UTI in and of itself may not her response be life-threatening, if it moves into the kidneys there are serious problems associated with poor kidney function. Typically, a healthy immune system should be able to fight of a urinary tract infection, but that’s not going to be the case 100% of the time. The best advice there is to see a doctor, get the right antibiotics, and yes, get enough fluids that you’re purging your bladder routinely.”

While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that cranberry juice is effective for UTIs, the science on this issue is not settled.

“It’s impossible to say to a medical certainty that cranberry juice can effectively treat or prevent UTIs. It’s not going to hurt, that’s for sure, but those that think that cranberry juice alone will prevent UTI are not taking the proper precautions. Cranberry juice in tandem with proper hygiene is going the right course of action. And taking antibiotics when you have UTI is the correct treatment.”

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